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During the summer of 1982, the Arapahoe Library District Smoky Hill Branch began service in the residentialdevelopment of Smoky Hill, located east of Parker Road. The library, originally called the Smoky Hill Reading Center, provided walk-in service using the Library District's retired bookmobile, parked in the Smoky Hill neighborhood. In 1988, the library moved to a rented storefront in Piney Creek Square at South Parker Road and East Orchard Road. As the community grew, so did the library's need for space and, in 1997, the library moved to a larger facility in Piney Creek Square.

In 1986, Lexington Homes, the original developer of the Jackson Farm subdivision, deeded the 8-acre property on the corner of Biscay and Smoky Hill Road to the Arapahoe Library District and the Arapahoe Park and Recreation District for park and library use. This donation was made to comply with the Arapahoe County land dedication program that requires developers to donate cash or land to public entities for parks, schools,libraries, open space, etc. The land remained vacant for 15 years until the Library District determined that the population growth and demands for library services required a larger Smoky Hill Branch. The Park and Recreation District officials agreed to let the Library District use this land as their development projects were focused in other locations.

The new library is built along the Smoky Hill Trail, which was the most direct route from eastern Kansas for goldseekers in 1859-1860. Today's Smoky Hill Road runs along one of the branches of that historic Colorado trail. The new library is next to what was the Ridge Route of the Smoky Hill Middle Trail and will commemorate its history with a walking trail and interpretive signs on the library grounds with information about the people and history of the Smoky Hill Trail.

Facts & Figures

Location: 5430 S. Biscay Circle, Centennial,CO 80015 (NE corner of Smoky Hill Rd. and Biscay Cir., one block east of Tower Rd.)
Lot Size: 8.5 acres
Building Size: 42,226 sq. ft.
Parking Lot: 238 spaces
Architects: Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture
General Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Interior Decorator: Marcia Hocevar
Space Planner: Sharon Rowlen
Staff Size: 22 full time, 48 part time/hourly
Collection Size (books, videos, DVDs, CDs,
tapes, magazines, etc.): 91,988
Services Provided: Story times, programs for all ages, book clubs, public meeting rooms, study rooms, internet access and word processing computers, reference assistance, Homework Help, Summer Reading Programs, cafe, reading room and porches
Computers for Public Use: 46
Number of Schools Served: 21 (with three more opening in 2003)
Total Circulation in 2002: 677,033 Total Facility Use in 2002: 459,310
Total Reference Helps in 2002: 109,728
Cafe Services: Carmine Lonardo
Cost: $9.3 million
Funding: The Smoky Hill Branch and the Library District's Support Services Building (built in 2001) were funded through the issuance of $16.3 million in Certificates of Participation, with the Bank of
Cherry Creek serving as Trustee for the Library District. Debt service on this 20-year loan will be paid from the General Operating Fund.
Library Manager: Sharon Edstrom II
Library District Director: Eloise May

Renewing Materials

This service can be used to renew Arapahoe Library District materials ONLY.
You will need the Library card that was used when the items were checked out. If you are renewing items for your children or other members of your family, be sure to have the correct card in hand before starting this process.

By Phone

  1. Call the RENEWAL LINE: 303-220- 7708.
  2. Listen to the greeting for general. instructions. If you already understand the process, press l to bypass the greeting. (Note: You can press * anytime in the process to return to the main menu.)
  3. Press 1 to renew items.
  4. Enter the 14-digit barcode on the library card used to checkout the items you want to renew and press #.
  5. The system will repeat the barcode you entered. If the number is correct press #. The system will then tell you how many items
    you have checked out that can be renewed. (See the Renewal. Guidelines below.)
  6. Press 1 to renew all items or press 2 to hear a list of the items checked out by barcode and due date.
  7. Press 1 to renew all items checked out or press 2 to renew individual items and follow the directions.
  8. If you press 1 to renew all items, you .11 hear a list of each item and the new due date for that item. Please DO NOT hang up until you have heard the barcode for every item you want to renew. If you bang up before the list is complete, NONE of your items are renewed.


  1. Go to: www.arapahoelibraries.org
  2. Click on: Renew & Request Items
  3. Click on: Renew Items
  4. Type in the requested information. (you will need the library card that was used when the item to be renewed was checked out)
  5. Click on: Display record for person named above
  6. Click on: Number of items currently checked out
  7. Click on the box next to each item you want to renew or click on: Renew all **
  8. Scroll down your list ofcheckouts to see what was renewed successfully.
Renewal Guidelines
* Books, cassettes and CDs can be renewed for3-week periods, up to 3 times.
* Videos and DVDs can be renewed for l-week periods, up to 3 times.
* PLUS items cannot be renewed using this phone system. Contact your library .
* Interlibrary loan items cannot be renewed