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Parks In And Around The Farm

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Park Districts

Arapahoe Park and Recreation District
Southwest corner of South Buckley Road & East Orchard Road
Phone: 303-693-7672
Web Site: www.aprd.org

Aurora Parks and Recreation
Phone: 303-739-7160 
Web Site: www.auroragov.org

Cherry Creek Reservoir
Phone: 303-690-1166 ext 719

Recreation Areas

Arapahoe Parks and Recreation Picnic Shelter
Phone: 303-730-6109



Meadow Hills Golf Course                                                                  
63609 S. Dawson, Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: 303-690-2500 
Web Site: www.meadowhills.com 

Saddle Rock Golf Course
21705 Arapahoe Road, Aurora, CO 80016
Phone: 303-699-3939 
Web Site: www.golfaurora.com

Kennedy Golf Club
10500 E Hampden Ave
Phone: 303-751-0311 
Web Site: www.kennedygolfcourse.com

Aurora Hills Golf Club
50 S Peoria Street
Phone: 303-364-9401 
Web Site: www.golfaurora.com

Murphy Creek
1700 Old Tom Morris Road
Phone: 303-361-7300 
Web Site: www.murphycreek.com