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We're a Big Hit
The 8.7-mile light rail line extending from where the Central Line ends at
1-25/Broadway along Santa Fe Dr. to Mineral Ave. opened on July 14,
2000. The line has soared past all expectations and forecasts, as light rail
vehicles and park-n-Rides were over capacity within a few weeks of
opening. The line currently carries over 50 percent more riders a day than
originally estimated and parks over 2,600 cars at the four park-n-Rides
along this popular line.

Partners Down the Road
RTD received a "Full Funding Grant Agreement" for $525 million from the
Federal Transit Administration in Nov. 2000 to design and build the
Southeast Light Rail Line, which will stretch 19.1 miles from 1-
25/Broadway southeast along 1-25 to Lincoln Ave. in Douglas County. It
also includes an additional light rail segment connecting the interchange of
1-25/I-225 to 1-225 and Parker Rd. Working together to implement transit
and expand an interstate, RTD and the Colorado Dept. of Transportation
plan to begin design and construction in summer 2001. The plan is to
complete this project around the year 2007.


Do You Know the Way to DIA?

The East Rail Line from Lower Downtown Denver to Denver International
Airport will be one of the longest transit lines in the system, spanning 25
miles along Smith Rd., adjacent to 1-70 (in an existing rail corridor) to Penia
Blvd. and into the airport.
There are currently two options for this line. Either the City and County of
Denver will accept a proposal frum a private firm to design and build the
line or RTD will follow through with the recommendation from the Major
Investment Study of commuter rail (using Diesel Multiple Units- D MU)
and start the environmental and preliminary engineering phase. The City of
Denver should have a decision by June 2001.

A Vital Connection
Light rail along 1-225 will generally travel in the center of the highway for
10.5 miles from Parker Rd. to 1-70, with deviations into Aurora Mall and
the redeveloping Fitzsimons campus, connecting the Southeast and the East
Corridors. As funds become available, work on this corridor can proceed.