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Organizing Garage Sales

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The Home Owners Association has rules and policies that govern how and when Garage Sales can be organized.

These rules are as follows:



In addition to the above rules, here are some additional guidelines and advice to make your garage sale a success.

Planning Your Garage Sale

Use the Resdients Diary section to organize your garage sale with other neighbors and let the other residents know your plans

Price items low - people go to garage sales to look for bargains!

Try to organize items that you are selling. Cloths on hangers, items on tables.

Mark prices clearly

Make sure you have change for large bills and coins too.

Getting the Word Out about your Sale

Use the Residents Diary and ensure oithers know of your plans - particularly if this involves a group of you

Advertise your sale in one of the local papers

Place your signs in visible areas (see "Things to Note" below).

Things to Note!

Do not:

  • attach signs to utility boxes, light poles, traffic signals, trees or fences on major roadways
  • stake signs into landscaped areas along major roadways


Donating Unwanted Items